Sawabona Coffee started as a simple dream:  The inspiration behind our name comes from the South African word of Sawubona which means "We see you". We search in order to find and source the best coffees  make it easily accessible and most importantly, create long lasting relationships between our producers, our team and with you. While the journey is not an easy one we are dedicated to bringing the best coffees to your cup. We hope you enjoy every moment with Sawabona Coffee.

Our current offering comes to us from Rwanda where our coffee is sourced from farmers' cooperatives that grow coffee at high altitude and rich fertile soil.

Our coffees are Beyond Fair Trade which ensures that our farmers share in the value of coffee that you buy.  Sawabona coffee is altogether a different sublime delicious coffee produced from the Land Of a Thousand Hills, Rwanda. Satisfy your desire with the best coffee you will ever taste in the world.


Althea & Jas - Co Founders